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Our Presenters

Terry Samuels

Terry Samuels is the Owner of Salterra Digital Web Services, host of SEO Spring Training & owner of Roundtable SEO Mastermind Series. Terry has spoken at many conferences over the last 4 years including SEO Spring Training, SEO Rockstars, and SEO Mastery Summit as well as a guest on multiple podcasts. He has over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing space and over 25 years of experience in computers and software. He has a true passion for teaching and helping people. Terry has combined his technical skills with his management abilities to position his companies at the forefront of the industry. His tenacious ability to dig deep and truly understand the big picture has led to his success. Terry commands authority in technical SEO, site structure, schema, and internal audits giving his clients a solid foundation within their markets.

Clint Butler

Clint is the Head of SEO for Over The Top SEO and owns his own agency, Digitaleer, as well. He is the host of SEO This Week and has co-hosted other SEO podcasts and shows including SEO Fight Club and White Hat vs. Black Hat. He also runs an exclusive mastermind for six and seven-figure earners looking to reach the next level in their business while supporting others.
Clint regularly presents at SEO Rockstars and has created beginner and advanced SEO and marketing courses that taught concepts based on his affiliate and adult industry experience.

Kyle Roof

Kyle is the Lead SEO for High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO agency with locations in Melbourne, Berlin, and Phoenix. He is the Co-Creator of PageOptimizer Pro, an on page optimization tool trusted by over 1500 SEOs. He is also the Co-Founder of Internet Marketing Gold (IMG) the online community for SEO science.
Apart from regularly presenting on SEO, he provides instructional SEO/marketing courses ranging from beginner to advanced and does his own testing on Google’s algorithm.

Craig Campbell

Craig is a UK-based SEO consultant, prominent speaker, actor, author, and trainer with over 20 years of experience, he is well known for his no-bullshit talks at conferences and for offering valuable tips and advice. Craig’s main focus is affiliate marketing, he owns several businesses himself and is well-known for speaking at events all over the world. He currently offers SEO Consulting, has a variety of digital marketing podcasts and courses, and provides SEO Services and white-label SEO as well.

Eldar Cohen and Rocky

Local Wiz CEO aka Local Wiz. Growth Wizard, Eldar has been a business consultant for many years utilizing his marketing expertise to grow businesses exponentially through sales and marketing. Rocky is a world traveler and has been a featured speaker at several conferences as well. He has the ability to stay cool under pressure and has won the hearts of everyone at his events.

Marty Marion

Marty Marion is a 35+ year veteran of marketing at the highest levels. Formerly a principal and senior executive of two of the world’s largest ad agencies, and executive management consultant on strategic planning and marketing for dozens of major brands, Marty originally developed The Positioning Matrix™ for private use for the benefit of his clients.

One of the most important and least understood aspects in SEO is “search intent”, but “buying-intent modifiers” like “buy” or “best” are not enough to achieve the REAL objective of SEO: ranking ABOVE those competitors who are vying for the same customers and clients that you are. To achieve this you need to master “the intent behind the intent” and craft your SEO tactics to incorporate both positioning (to compel targets IN FAVOR of your brand) and de-positioning (to compel targets AWAY FROM your competitors). Someone is getting the click. Make sure it’s you, not your competitors. At SEO Spring Training I’m going to release my full system and processes for achieving this every time.

Holly Starks

Holly Starks is a leader in the Video Marketing Industry. At the end of 2016, She had 3.5 million live-streamed video’s ranking on YouTube. She has close to 150,000 YouTube Accounts, and in some circles has been dubbed ‘The YouTube Queen’. In 2019, She now has a total of 1.5 million videos online, ranking and bringing daily traffic. Holly is renowned as both an online and offline marketer and hosts several live events and boot camps throughout the year helping other marketers reach their full potential in Video Marketing. She was awarded one of the Top SEO Influencers in 2017. She has spoken at Vidsummit, Local Client Takeover, SearchCon, SEO Rockstars, DFWSEM and some of you may recognize from when she spoke about video marketing at Chiang Mai in 2017 and 2018.

Gabriel Machuret

I’m a proud father of 3 amazing boys. Entrepreneur, Author, Jedi Master, Better Man Podcast. Pilot. Gabriel is the former Head of Warrior Forum and for years has been coaching SEO companies how to increase their sales by changing their mindset towards their own branding, position and sales strategies. Some of Gabriel’s former clients include, Red Bull, PBS, and

Monique Rice

One of the hardest things to do as internet marketing experts is to get more sales and scale your agency. Taking all that knowledge and putting it into terms that a client understands is a major stumbling block for almost everyone. Monique has been in sales for 25 years and has helped scale her agency over the past 10 years to a multi-million dollar agency with over 27 employees. Learn some of the basic techniques Monique uses to get and keep her clients, including ones she signed the very first day of her agency 10 years ago, and have them all referring her business all year long on auto-pilot.

Chaz Edwards

MarTech founder, co-owner of Web 2.0 Ranker and Local Viking, with a passion for local marketing #SEO
Chaz started SEO in 2010 specializing in the highly competitive locksmith niche. He has since grown multiple online and offline businesses leveraging his expertise in local and national search optimization.

Bucky Helms

Bucky has been in marketing and SEO since 2004 with his own pressure washing company, He launched Big Deal marketing in 2014 and has been Customer Success Manager for for over 2 years. Bucky has been able to leverage his experience and knowledge in marketing/seo throughout his multiple businesses.
Owner at BIGdeal Marketing Solutions LLC
CSM at Web20Ranker

Allen Levings

I was once described as a “very convenient human to roll with.” Top that, losers.
As managing partner at Growth Foundry, Allen oversees the team of marketers, designers, and developers that is responsible for taking businesses from 6-7 figure incomes over to 8-9 and beyond.
Founder of Series 5 Digital Marketing, Managing Partner at

I’m the founder of Superstar SEO; an SEO services, consulting, training, and software business that has was one the largest SEO Facebook groups and an active blog.

After working as an SEO freelancer I realized their was a gap in the market for a marketplace that catered directly to businesses and makreting agencies so in 2018 I launched Legiit. Legiit started as an online marketplace that has grown into a complete online platform for people to grow their businesses on providing services, SaaS solutions and training.

Daniel Viega

A 7-Figure Online Business Growth Expert, one of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs under 45, and a Growth Revenue Strategist who’s helped scale my clients to over $50M worth of sales online. I’m also a ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award Winner, a 2x 7 Figure Agency Award Winner, a Digital Marketing Conference Speaker, and have helped train over 1300 entrepreneurs and business owners by merging Technology & Direct Marketing on Social Media through my training programs.

Michael Rayburn

Michael Rayburn is the founder and CEO of SEO DC, Co-Founder of Domination Simplified, and Co-Founder of Local Domination. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has owned both brick and mortar and digital businesses. With over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, Michael understands the trials and hurdles of “client getting” for agency owners. He has the innate ability to open the lines of communication with clients with the understanding of what their needs are to maximize time and productivity. As a seasoned professional with over 20 years of hands-on business experience, Michael knows exactly how to drive brand growth. He has set himself out from his peers in the client attraction world for SEO and digital brand management. Michael has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, business implementation, and company collaboration. He has the experience and knowledge to help any business have the potential to gain clients and implement sales growth.

Elias Livadaras

My name is Elias Livadaras and I am a person who deals with the “Science” of SEO. And I call it SEO “Science” because it consists of numerous variables and factors that affect the success of an SEO Campaign.
As a former Civil Aviation Pilot, I have learned to “fly” high and I implement this mentality to all the Projects I have chosen to tackle.

One of my favorite expressions is: “Knowledge is something you know today. Wisdom is whether to use the Knowledge you have acquired or not.”

In my spare time (ha ha ha) I do IPSC Practical Shooting, I am a proud father and husband, I love fishing and good food!

Lane Houk

I spent nine (9) years building a generalist marketing agency helping clients get the recognition they deserve with an optimized web presence, greater online visibility and helping them become the number one choice amongst competitors in their local market area using proprietary brand conquesting and strategic positioning strategies. I have specific authority and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, the Google Ecosystem and am also a Level 7 Local Guide. The last four (4) years have been dedicated to working exclusively with marketers and digital agency owners. Today, I work with digital agencies as a white label marketing partner through our two companies, Signal Genesys and Quantum Agency. Signal Genesys is a proprietary white-label software platform that leverages digital PR, content syndication and proprietary signal generation strategies in a cloud-bases SaaS platform built exclusively for digital agencies and marketers. Quantum Agency is a white label fulfillment agency partner for agencies that want to outsource their fulfillment to a quality, dependable WL partner.

>> Voted as one of Florida’s top business leaders by Gulf Shore Business in 2008, Lane Houk is the Managing Partner of Quantum Agency and Signal Genesys. Lane also received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Community Leadership Association in 2008.

>> Lane is also a frequent guest speaker and podcast guest in the digital marketing industry on topics like SEO, marketing technology and marketing systems that agencies can leverage in their own agency.

To contact Lane or to book Lane for a speaking engagement: Email: Phone: (833) 501-3535

Lisa Parziale

Lisa Parziale spent the last decade building a 7-figure digital marketing agency that enabled her to quit her corporate executive job and live the “freedom lifestyle”. She also founded Agency Fast Track, along with AgencyRemix, to help agency owners, SEO’s and web developers learn and implement techniques and processes to build and scale their own 6 or 7-figure business. Lisa’s super-power is creating systems that simplify running and scaling a “freedom business” with passive, recurring revenue. Lisa is a sales and lead generation expert, trainer and mentor that is always a fan favorite at Spring Training.

Nicole Cherie Hesse

Nicole is the CEO of Unicorn Client Attraction, she has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to attract unicorn clients without the struggle of cold outreach using energetically aligned social selling strategies. She went from being a bartender to a seven-figure CEO in just 13 months and has repositioned her skill set and colorful life to create a movement to help others do the same. Nicole’s clients have gone on to make five- and six-figure incomes per month using her proven marketing system. She hosts her own podcast “Real Unicorns Don’t Wear Pants” (Not your average entrepreneurial podcast!)

Chad Michael Lawson

Some blame it on an accidental overdose of gamma radiation. Others say it was a bite from a musically gifted spider. Or maybe it was just something in the cafeteria food. How else does one explain Chad Lawson’s transformation in a few short years from Purdue computer engineering major with no musical background, to composer/performer/conductor/songwriter with two invitations to perform with a choir at Carnegie Hall under his belt who then ditched it all and became an internet marketer & web app developer specializing in blowing up businesses?
In terms on internet marketing, 1998 was the ‘wild west’ years. Chad spent time cutting his teeth starting and running a web development company, navigating the technicalities of code slinging for efficiency, designing on a dime & experimenting with client’s online businesses’ for higher profitability.

Stuart Trier

Stuart is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold 3 companies. His first business was an import and distribution business which he built from 0 to 8 million per year. His second business was in the health care field where he grew it from 0 to 28 clinics in 12 months and successfully sold to a public company. His 3rd was a digital marketing agency with 80 clients which he sold in 2017. He currently runs Marketing Cheat Guides where he works with a handful of entrepreneurs on scaling up their companies.

Ted Kubaitis

Ted is the founder of SEO Tool Lab, creator of Cora SEO Software, and host of SEO Fight Club. At SEO Spring Training 2023 Ted will teach you his secret method of Stealth SEO. Maybe you will use it maybe you won’t but you should at least understand the concepts so you have a better chance of spotting when your tools and competitors are lying to you! Many will consider this technique to be of the blackest of hats but Ted will try to show you the very narrowest of paths where maybe it has a small chance to be arguably white hat. Stealth SEO is the most guarded secret in SEO right now and no one else is likely to share this information or frame the debate in this manner. I dare you skip this topic! I’m conflicted about even sharing the information. I will give this talk once and probably never again.

Matt Versteeg

Matt had an interesting start to his SEO career. As a Magician since the age of 9, he needed a way to get more bookings and he found it through self-ranking his website on page 1 for nearly every city in America, resulting in more bookings than he could handle. Realizing the power of what he’d discovered, he went on to consult for local clients and build his own lead generation sites leveraging this “Multilocation” ranking strategy. Matt sees SEO and online marketing as a “scale game”, where the more you do what works, the more you earn. Matt loves teaching the SEO Formulas he’s discovered that are elegant and easy for anyone to apply that get results in every local niche.

Jesse Dolan

CEO & Founder at Intrycks, Podcast Host at Local SEO Tactics, Intrycks was established during the early 2000s Google boom, pioneering Search Engine Optimization from its very start. With more than two decades of digital marketing experience growing businesses in many niches across the globe. Jesse and his team have tested, tried, and continue to work with both new and traditional SEO tactics, paving the way for small and medium-sized businesses to navigate the ever-evolving Google landscape. His podcast is directed at small business owners who want to know more about SEO,  understand what works and doesn’t, and even manage their own SEO campaigns.  The weekly podcast focuses on the tactics, techniques, and strategies to get a website ranked at the top of Google (and Bing, and Yahoo…).

Traci Eisenberg-Rayburn

Traci Eisenberg-Rayburn is the founder of E&R Business Solutions, an experienced business consultant with knowledge in Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Process Management. As a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience as an Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planner, Traci has the ability to understand the complexities in creating processes and successful workflows in each diverse environment. Traci’s focus is to enable businesses to understand how the necessary tools with project management can help a business grow, run, and operate more efficiently.

Traci retired from the Army as a communications officer. Upon her retirement, she continued to work for the government as an IT Program Manager. During her time in the Army, Traci deployed multiple times, allowing her to experience true pressure in high-risk situations. This enabled her to understand the need for creating thorough strategic processes, as well as, mitigating challenges and increasing efficiencies. Traci has taken this knowledge and experienced and transformed it to help businesses conquer their challenges and desire for growth.

Traci holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management and is working towards completing her Doctorate in Business Administration with a focus in Program Management.

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