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Terry Samuels

Terry Samuels SEO Srping Training Host

With over 20 years of experience in software and computers, Terry has combined his technical skills with his management abilities within his own SEO marketing agency. Terry commands authority through technical SEO, site structure, schema and internal audits. In addition, Terry and Elisabeth own SEO, Spring Training, and SEO University.

Elisabeth Samuels

Elisabeth Samuels

Elisabeth Samuels owns Salterra with her husband Terry. She manages operations and development. Elisabeth has worked professionally in web development for over 11 years. She has a passion for graphic design, web design, and her approach towards marketing and design is centered first and foremost around her clients and elevating their brand position in their marketing space.

Clint Butler

With Clint Butler, your SEO game’s about to get better. The digital marketing and SEO specialist has educated a wide range of people, from business owners to freelancers, in getting real results through SEO and content marketing. Starting his digital marketing agency is one of the greatest milestones he has achieved. Clint has continued to share with everyone in need of his assistance and services. Major publications have quoted Clint Butler as a topic expert.

2024 Presenters

Marty Marion

Terry Samuels SEO Srping Training Host

Marty Marion is a 35+ year veteran of marketing at the highest levels. Formerly a principal and senior executive of two of the world’s largest ad agencies and executive management consultant on strategic planning and marketing for dozens of major brands, Marty originally developed The Positioning Matrix™ for private use for the benefit of his clients.

Holly Starks

Holly Starks

Holly Starks is a leader in the Video Marketing Industry. At the end of 2016, She had 3.5 million live-streamed video’s ranking on YouTube. She has close to 150,000 YouTube Accounts and in some circles, has been dubbed ‘The YouTube Queen’. In 2019, She now has 1.5 million videos online, ranking and bringing daily traffic.

Michael Rayburn

Michael Rayburn

Michael Rayburn is the founder and CEO of SEO DC, Co-Founder of Domination Simplified, and Co-Founder of Local Domination. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has owned both brick-and-mortar and digital businesses. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, Michael understands the trials and hurdles of “client getting” for agency owners.

Michael Merlino

Terry Samuels SEO Srping Training Host

Michael Merlino is a highly sought-after, world-renowned Search Optimization Expert. He is the co-owner of the CTR Geeks Facebook group (and paid course) that has helped over 1300 people enhance their SEO results using his tried-and-true Click Thru Rate tactics. He has been featured weekly in the GMB Pro’s course, helping thousands of students maximize their results.

Chad Michael Lawson

Chad Michael Lawson

Some blame it on an accidental overdose of gamma radiation. Others say it was a bite from a musically gifted spider. Or maybe it was just something in the cafeteria food.

Honey Witcher

honey witcher

Honey Witcher embodies, “When life gives you lemons, make f***’n hard lemonade!” She kicked off an impressive 30-year construction career by launching a drywall repair service out of her college dorm room at age 17.  When COVID made people challenging to deal with, she left construction for the bright lights of SEO. As the founder of Honey Badger SEO and a partner in Witcher Labs, she ranks her own assets and also consults with those needing proven SEO strategies.

Elias Leivadaras

elias leivadaras

Elias Leivadaras is the co-owner of Stealth Code LTD, a pioneering software development company renowned for transformative creations like SEO Autopilot, SEO Neo, Omega Indexer, and Colinkri. With 15 years as a Certified SEO Expert, Elias boasts an impressive portfolio, collaborating with major clients and employing his expertise to tailor SEO strategies that drive substantial results. His innovative contributions and unwavering dedication continue to shape the landscape of digital marketing and software development.

Simon Cornelius

simon cornelius

With a background in software engineering, Simon is a seasoned SEO strategist and innovator, best known for his ability to demystify and leverage the complexities of SEO. As a guiding force in numerous SEO circles, he coaches in online forums and champions a hands-on, efficient approach that maximizes results with minimal fuss. With a healthy skepticism of unfounded SEO claims, Simon advocates for a learn-by-doing philosophy, encouraging experimentation and learning from mistakes in the ever-evolving search landscape.

Andrew Sterling Ansley

andrew ansley

Andrew is the founder of ContentSprout AI and Director of Marketing for Helium SEO. In 2023 he was able to turn $100,000 of SEO investment in to $2,000,000 in annual recurring revenue and the man is an absolute weirdo obsessed with marketing and AI.

Hes a newly minted father of a beautiful little girl, a husband that lucked out with his wife, and rumor has it he loves dogs a bit too much.

Dixon Jones

dixon jones

Dixon Jones is a multi-award winning SEO Speaker, and entrepreneur who has helped to build the Internet Marketing industry for over 20 years. He is currently an investor and CEO of which is the first entity SEO toolset built from the ground up around its own Knowledge graphs and NLP algorithms. He is also known in the industry for building up Majestic, the link intelligence search engine as marketing director from 2009 to 2018.

Charles Taylor

charles taylor

With an SEO career spanning back to 2002 , Charles Taylor has since been operating in various verticals. Over the past decade, he has dedicated his expertise to in-house Enterprise SEO for employers such as Lexis-Nexis, Verizon, and now Fox Corporation. Charles’s consistent ability to scale effective strategies and leverage cutting-edge SEO techniques has made him many friends, and a few adversaries, within the halls of corporate America..

Patric Shannon

patric shannon

Patric’s diverse journey includes roles as an SEO specialist, tax accountant, professional poker player, software engineer, 7-figure agency owner, SaaS founder, and agency coach. As the founder of three digital marketing companies, he shares his wealth of experiences to provide a unique perspective.

Travis Weathers

travis weathers

Travis Weathers is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, flight instructor, and commercial pilot. He is also the CEO and founder of Rotate Digital, a leading marketing agency specializing in helping local, service-based businesses generate more revenue through their online assets. He started with nothing and has created a multimillion-dollar SEO Agency without any previous knowledge of SEO. Travis has transformed the way companies establish their online presence and dominate their local markets by sharing a simple, yet powerful, 3-tiered framework with as many business owners as possible.

Brian Kato

brian kato

Brian Kato owns Fusion Vine, a company specializing in SEO services. Brian is known for his practical use of data to enhance his SEO strategies. With more than ten years of experience in the field, Brian has assisted numerous businesses in improving their online visibility and website traffic. Alongside SEO, Brian has extensive experience in strategic business planning, neuromarketing, and utilizing technology for operational efficiency.

Gregory Ortiz

greg ortiz

Since 2014, Gregory has been an active leader in the digital advertising community, having successfully taught thousands of people how to make a full time living working for themselves online. Currently Gregory focuses on his many companies spanning from a Digital Advertising Agency, Softwares, AI Company, as well as his Brick & Mortar Businesses.

Brian Winum

brian winum

Brian Winum has 20+ years experience in digital marketing and is an active partner in both Maxburst Web Design and MAXPlaces Marketing. He recently launched a course, Authority Amplifier Pro, detailing his Google News, EEAT, and authority building strategies.

Dino Gomez

dino gomez

6 Figure SEO agency by age 25. Now a 37 y/o stiff & sore fitness junkie. Some internet weirdos think of me as an awesome client acquisition mentor. Maybe because of several 2 comma club awards in multiple industries. However I still can’t reach the top shelf of the pantry. Dog dad. World traveler. And coolest super nerd by my own description.

Josh Nelson

josh nelson

Founder & CEO – Seven Figure Agency & Plumbing & HVAC SEO

Josh Nelson is one of the most sought after experts in the area of Agency Growth. He’s the Author of Two Best Selling Books – The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap & The Client Retention Handbook. Not only has Josh grown his own multiple-seven figure agency (Plumbing & HVAC SEO which made the Inc 5000 List 4 years in a row) he’s also helped hundreds of agencies grow & scale following The Seven Figure Agency framework. He’s on a mission to help 500 Agencies grow to 7 Figures over the next 5 years!

Chris Koszo

chris koszo

Chris Koszo is an agency owner and consultant who’s been in the SEO industry for 15 years. He outranked NASA with an affiliate site during the 2012 phenomenon which got him hooked on SEO, and he hasn’t looked back. He’s consulted for large international companies such as Mastercard, Purina and Cathay Pacific, however these days he primarily helps national clients and affiliate sites solve difficult SEO problems including algorithmic recoveries.

Bradley Benner

SEO Srping Training

I’m Bradley Benner. I’ve been developing, implementing, and teaching local SEO methods since co-founding Semantic Mastery with my partners Adam Moody & Chris Pillwein in 2014 after many years of operating my own local SEO agency. I’ve not only been driving local SEO results for clients, but sharing what I do best with free weekly webinars (“Hump Day Hangouts”) where we’ve answered over 6,000 questions from agency owners and consultants.

Dori Friend

dori friend

The “Innovative SEO.” Dori has been awarded two SEO Patents and has published almost 700 test results with the SIA (SEO Intelligence Agency). She is the founder of SEONitro, SEORockstars, & the SIA (SEO Intelligence Agency), along with many other innovative products through the years. Wikipedia Page:

Matt Zimmerman

matt zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman is a seasoned SEO and AI expert. He is best known as the developer of ZimmWriter, an AI writing software embraced by over 12,000 users and loved by industry experts. His decade-long journey in SEO and innovative approach to AI has positioned him as a leader in the field of AI content generation.

Adam McChesney

SEO Srping Training

Adam McChesney is a serial entrepreneur based in St. Louis, MO. Originally a medical device sales rep, he transitioned into entrepreneurship full-time in the midst of the pandemic in July 2020. He was tired of going through the motions, and always knew that there was something more to life, other than just money and nice things. Having the entrepreneurial bug, an opportunity to go into digital marketing full-time seemed like the right move. Since going out on his own, Adam has leveraged his skillset of digital marketing to grow multiple companies at this point. He is a Partner/VP of Growth at Hite Digital and Co-Owner of Auto Glass Repair of STL. Hite Digital is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the world, and was named to the INC 5000 in 2022 and 2023 at #868 and #937. Adam is married to his wife Delaney, and they have 1 child, a newborn baby boy named Murphy.

Manick Bhan

SEO Srping Training

Manick Bhan is the founder and CTO of LinkGraph – a digital marketing firm that helps agencies and enterprise brands scale through data-driven SEO, a member of the INC 5000 Awards and winner of the Drum Search Awards. He is also the creator of SearchAtlas, an SEO automation platform used by thousands of brands and agencies, ProductHunt product of the day and week, and nominated for the Best SEO Platform by the Global Search Awards. With 10+ years of experience in Search Engine Optimization from the in-house and agency side, Bhan has taught both startups and Fortune 500 companies how to scale their brands with a data-driven SEO strategy that can break into any market with ease and outrank even the biggest of competitors.

Terry Power


A former professional actor, Terry lives in North Carolina having worked in 37 States. Terry Power is in his second century of working online. He is an avid reader and always looking to learn new things. This has lead him to finding out how to use Device Farms, Cloud properties, Google Books, Extensions and Themes, as well as communities of testers.

Dan Kurtz

dan kurtz

Dan Kurtz has been a marketing mercenary for hire since 2006. He is the grower of businesses, the optimizer of processes and the slayer of bad digital marketing. His 15 year career in digital marketing includes consulting work with companies like Bing and Nielsen to grow their business through process and workflow optimization and automation.

Guerin Green

SEO Srping Training

A recovering political consultant, Guerin Green is a serial entrepreneur and digital asset architect. Founding three print newspapers and acquiring a fourth, the collapse of hard copy led to a on-line rebirth. One-time owner of a title insurance company, and political polling firm, he is now an accidental oil-and-gas investor, real estate investor and general pain in the behind with an interest in research-driven methods and systemic failure. You can find him on track with motorcycles, with his dogs or traveling to see his now far-flung family.

Chris Palmer

SEO Srping Training

Chris Palmer, better known as Chris Palmer SEO, is a results-oriented professional co-running a search marketing agency by day, while by night he transforms into an entrepreneurial, passionate, and inquisitive SEO testing scientist eagerly seeking to answer one of life’s toughest questions: “What moves the needle?”

Mark Rabinovitsh

mark rabinovitsh

Mark Rabinovitsh is a digital marketing expert and the visionary founder and CEO of Digital Brain Labs, where he specializes in Local SEO and Google Ads management for small businesses. Renowned for his strategic approach to building and rapidly scaling service-based businesses, Mark’s success lies in his innovative use of digital marketing and his knack for forming successful partnerships. With over 15 years of industry leadership, he has mastered the art of turning service trade businesses into lucrative ventures that are attractive for sale within just 2-3 years. His expertise not only propels businesses to new heights but also sets a benchmark for strategic growth in the digital marketing landscape.

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